~Pearl masque ~

~Pearl masque~

~Pearl masque modeled by KarenDragon of masqueHysteria

This lightweight and comfortable partial masque was custom fit for Karen and painted by her to a very durable pearlescent finish with acrylics, and final coated with a water resistant top coat.
We will happily create a custom designed and fitted masque for you based on your idea or vision. A custom fit partial mask, complete to the level of ~Pearl, is modestly priced at $120.00. We will take your masque to any level you desire. We can create the form and complete the shaping and acrylicizing, at which point you can take over and finish yourself, or even have your favorite artist paint for you. Ready to paint and decorate, your custom partial masque will cost $80.00.
These masques are very durable and with any reasonable care will last a lifetime of functional use. Order a group for an event whether social or arts. Consider the keepsake value of family masque portraiture, and give us a call. We show work and accept commissions by appointment in our private gallery. We create the basic custom masque shell at our place or yours, by appointment as well.

Thanks for your time, see the smiles we cast your way,
David and Karen

~Pearl masque 2011

~Pearl masque~ partial mask created for KarenDragon

~Pricing and commissions on request~

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