~Davids Color’s~


~Davids Colors masqueHysteria (c) 2011

~Davids Colors by dEj of masqueHysteria and Andra Haynes

~David’s Color’s is a non-wearable ~Life masque designed as a wall hanging piece. It’s construction is simple and straightforward, providing an uncomplicated 3-D canvas requiring a 30 minute sitting, in this case painted by the ever talented and creative Andra Haynes.  Andra is a graduate of the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, and completed 2 years at The Art Academy as well.

A custom mask created for you, friend or family member and ready for painting costs from $80.00 – $100.00 and comes completely primed, sanded, and sealed, ready to be painted by your artist or ours! A mask like this is ideal for  framed presentation as well, and combining the framing with keepsakes and memory makers  even further personalizes the piece.

We can do your family portrait in masque!

We would love to make memories with you!