Two Dragons Wed

Two Dragons Wed ~ June 26, 2011

Welcome to our Wedding Photo Gallery!

A huge thank you from both of us to all you wonderful friends and family who added so much love to our special day.  We love you one and all!

This gallery is as it stands today, is only preliminary to what will come. As we accumulate the many more photos out there, they will be added. This is the “unofficial” gallery comprised of photographs taken by Amy Lowe, and Raymond Henry, and myself, as we passed my Nikon D40 around during the day.

  Marc Croswell’s official wedding photos gallery will be coming soon.

Much Love to You All, David and Karen Johnson

We shall dance each other to the end of love!

Oak Ridge Lodge, Mount Airy, Cincinnati, Ohio

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This kiss will last forever!

Our Vows

Karen Ann to David Earl

David, when you walked in my back door at that fateful Thursday night dinner 3 years ago,  I knew we were meant to be together.  Your presence in my life has brought me so much peace, joy, and contentment; I never knew I could be this happy.  Your passion, thoughtfulness, and empathy, along with being damn sexy, attracted and bound me to your side. Of course our relationship has not been without it’s difficulties, but together we get through them with ease.  We both have faults and strengths and we accept these things as soul mates should. I look forward to each and every day with you in our future as husband and wife, just as I have in these 3 years of growing together,  I promise I will always be committed to you and my love will never waiver.

David to Karen

Actually trying to locate them at this moment.

Rothko & Ben by marc croswell

Together forever is who we are.

Together forever is who we are. by Marc Croswell

Check out more photos of the Wedding by our lovely friend Sue Freidenheim!

Love All, Trust Few, Harm None,  David and Karen Johnson

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