Cicada Killer Wasp

The cicada killer wasps attract attention due to their large size, the burrows that they dig in home lawns, and their buzzing flights over the lawn. These insects occur in all states east of the Rocky Mountains and prefer to dig their burrows in sandy, bare, well drained soil exposed to full sunlight. The wasps feed on flower nectar while the immature or larval stage feeds primarily upon cicadas that are brought to the burrow by the adult.

Information via University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Entomology

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So recently we were treated to the company of a pair of Cicada Killer Wasps hanging around the front garden. They were at first a bit menacing, but it was soon apparent they showed little aggression. I managed to get a shot or two on the first day, and I was hooked. Researched what they might be, thought it really interesting and kept a casual eye on them for the next couple of weeks. As the slide show progresses it ends with the female actually bringing a full grown cicada back to its’ burrow to lay her eggs in. When the eggs hatch the larvae will consume the cicada from inside out.  Nothing in nature serves no purpose.

Photography by David Earl Johnson G+

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